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Kotka parks

Kotka’s award-winning parks are much more than just parks; Each park has its own appearance and features. The Sapokka Water Park, in particular, fascinates the winter with its stunning lighting and illuminated waterfall. The mounds of Kumparepuisto in winter are sleigh slopes.

The route through the parks of Kotkansaari is five kilometers. You can choose the parks of your choice from a list or go through the entire route on foot or by bike. The route includes Sapokka Water Park, Catherine Marine Park, Sculpture Embankment, Haukkavuori Observation Tower, Palotorninvuori Park, Mansikkalahti, Sibelius Park and Kotka Redutt Grass Garden.

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Maritime Centre Vellamo

Maritime Centre Vellamo has unforgettable experiences for the entire family. The Maritime Museum of Finland, Kymenlaakso Museum, Coast Guard Museum and multipurpose room, Ruuma, provide exhibitions and events that are thought-provoking and stimulate the imaginations of visitors of all ages. History can be experienced by listening, watching, smelling and feeling, and by playing. There’s plenty to see and do, even for a whole day!

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Maretarium is a natural aquarium for Finnish fish. You can see more than 60 species of fish and other small animals. Along with the aquarium tour, you can visit the nature photo exhibition, watch nature films, go to a nature school, have lunch at the café and buy souvenirs from the Meripuoti Shop. In the summer, a diver will feed the fish in the Baltic Sea pool at 3pm. An aquarium visit is an opportunity for the whole family to enjoy themselves and learn at same the time!

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Here is an online shop where you can buy yourself activities, excursions, tickets and services. The selection is constantly replenished, so it’s a good idea to come here from time to time to get inspired.

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Event center 1h east of Helsinki

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